Commission Sales From Home

Sell From Home with Harris’ Dream Clean, LLC!

If you’re looking for the perfect part-time position, congratulations, you’ve found it! We would love for you to join our sales staff! The job is simple: make phone calls on behalf of Harris’ Dream Clean to our potential clients (leads). Your goal is to set up appointments for our owners to meet with the decision makers of these leads. You get paid for each meeting you set up and you make a percentage of each account sold!


  • Sell For a Trusted, Proven, Local Company
    Harris’ Dream Clean is a trusted company doing business in Kansas for the past 3 years. We have nearly 50 satisfied customers and nearly 15 employees.
  • Work From Home
    No need to drive to the office when all you need is a computer, internet connection and a phone. Work from the comforts of your own home.
  • Huge Commissions
    For each sale, you will earn 5% of the account’s annual revenue. On average, our salespeople make $630.00 per sale. PLUS- you receive $30.00 for every meeting you set up.
  • Work at Your Own Pace
    We will provide you with the contact information of 30 potential customers. If you’re too busy to make any phone calls today, that’s totally fine. Just let us know when you have called those potential clients and we will send you 30 more leads.


  1. Complete Application (below)​​​
  2. Complete Assessment with Passing Score
    In order to sell Dream Clean to our leads, you must have knowledge of our services and history. ​This assessment ensures that you have the knowledge needed to sell our business to potential clients.
  3. ​Phone Interview
  4. Hiring Process
    ​We will email you a document package which will include a direct deposit form, the commission package as well as other various agreements (lawyer talk).
  5. ​Leads/Contact Information
    ​Dream Clean will send you a list of 30 contacts. Your job is to call each lead in an attempt to set up a meeting between the Dream Clean owner and the decision maker of the potential client.
  6. ​Payments
    ​Once the meeting has been completed, we will direct deposit $30.00 into your account. Dream Clean will then attempt to bid on the cleaning contract. If Dream Clean is accepted by the potential clients, you will be paid 5% of the account’s annual revenue.

Commission Sales From Home Application