How do you clean commercial concrete floors?

Commercial concrete flooring is the ideal material for many reasons. It’s durable, stain-resistant, and incredibly long-lasting — assuming you give it the proper maintenance and cleaning that it requires.

1. Vacuum

Like other floorings, vacuuming is also the first step to cleaning concrete floors. Concrete flooring doesn’t have the same crevices and gaps produced by other floorings, so picking up loose debris is much easier.

2. pH neutral cleaner

Keeping your pH neutral helps maintain the protective finish used on commercial concrete flooring. Professional cleaners will also use a non-abrasive material to scrub soils and surface debris without damaging the finish.

3. Reapply finish and let dry

Professional cleaners can also reapply finish when needed to maintain the protective coating on your floors. The concrete floors are then allowed to dry before they can be used again.


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