What are the 4 categories of cleaning?

What are the 4 categories of cleaning?

There are four types of cleaning agents. They are:


It is a synthetic, man-made cleaning agent that comes under the water-soluble category. They have the ability to emulsify oils, suspend dirt, and are wetting agents. Mild detergents are considered better for the environment as well, making detergent a versatile cleaner that’s suitable for most regular cleaning needs. 


When dirt and grime accumulate in smaller regions, a stronger cleaning agent is needed – one that loosens the bond between the soil particles and the region. Abrasives come under this category. Minerals like feldspar or materials like steel wool are perfect abrasives. 


Degreasers are used to remove “grease,”; fatty substances such as oils and proteins. They are highly alkaline solutions that allow people to decarbonize the fatty substances that get stuck over a place or an object for a long time.


The strongest category of cleaning agents is Acids. They have six of lower PH and range from mild to really strong. Acid breaks down difficult-to-remove stains such as rust, mineral deposits, or soap scum. Professional cleaning service providers often rely on mild acids to clean offices and other commercial properties. Industrial cleaners favor very strong acids to remove pollutants from factories.


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