What are the different types of cleaning?

What are the different types of cleaning?

The different types of cleaning are as follows:

Domestic Cleaning

It refers to cleaning residential properties like homes, apartment complexes, and houses. Domestic cleaning is done every week or 15 days. 

Commercial Cleaning

It refers to cleaning commercial properties such as offices, warehouses, and restaurants, to name a few. 

General Cleaning

General cleaning is just an umbrella term for cleaning duties such as vacuum cleaning, tidy-up, and warming floors. 

Mini Cleaning

Mini cleaning is the act of cleaning things ourselves. Mini cleaning consists of surface-level cleaning that often does not involve equipment, such as putting trash in the bin, quickly wiping a bed sheet, etc. 

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning means completing the cleaning task thoroughly. Deep cleaning often takes a lot of time since it involves cleaning and re-cleaning every nook and cranny of an area in order not just to remove the dirt or grime but also to disinfect it. 

Builder’s Clean

Builder’s clean refers to removing the debris left after infrastructure construction. 

Decor Clean

Decor cleaning refers to cleaning objects and places in order to retain their beauty. For instance, cleaning hidden space under a sculpture would be counted as decor cleaning.

Tenancy Clean

Tenancy cleaning is done after a tenant leaves a property. 

Window Cleaning

Window cleaning, as the name suggests, is about cleaning the windows to enhance their transparency. 

Decluttering and Storage

Decluttering is about organizing the articles in the office or at home to save space. 


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