How do you clean commercial hardwood floors?

How do you clean commercial hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors demand more of a delicate approach to cleaning. Use the wrong materials or cleaning products, and you risk damaging the wood. Here’s how commercial hardwood floors are cleaned professionally.

Frequent sweeping

The key to keeping your hardwood floors in shape is to give them a light cleaning regularly. This reduces the need for deep cleans and the potential for damage to your flooring material. We recommend using a professional janitorial service to keep your floors clean for the day to day.

Microfiber mop

Professional cleaners pay close attention to the material and finish used in commercial hardwood floors. Depending on these factors, professional hardwood floor cleaners may use a microfiber mop to avoid scratching and warping.

Using the right cleaner

Hardwood floor cleaners need to be at the correct pH, or acidity level, to avoid damaging commercial wood flooring. Professional cleaners come equipped with all the right cleaners and materials for the job.


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