How do you clean a commercial floor?

How do you clean a commercial floor?

How you clean your commercial floors will depend on the material used in your flooring. Commercial hardwood floors, for example, require a delicate cleaning process using non-acidic cleaners and soft-textured mops.

Identify the flooring material

  • Concrete floors
  • Tile floors
  • Vinyl floors
  • Laminate floors
  • Hardwood floors

Order a commercial floor cleaning service

After identifying the material used in your flooring, it’s time to order a commercial cleaning service. Relying on professional cleaners has many benefits for a facility: it promotes hygiene, a professional image, safety, and they come equipped with all of the necessary tools.

How do you clean commercial concrete floors?

Commercial concrete flooring is the ideal material for many reasons. It’s durable, stain-resistant, and incredibly long-lasting — assuming you give it the proper maintenance and cleaning that it requires.

1. Vacuum

Like other floorings, vacuuming is also the first step to cleaning concrete floors. Concrete flooring doesn’t have the same crevices and gaps produced by other floorings, so picking up loose debris is much easier.

2. pH neutral cleaner

Keeping your pH neutral helps maintain the protective finish used on commercial concrete flooring. Professional cleaners will also use a non-abrasive material to scrub soils and surface debris without damaging the finish.

3. Reapply finish and let dry

Professional cleaners can also reapply finish when needed to maintain the protective coating on your floors. The concrete floors are then allowed to dry before they can be used again.

How do you deep clean commercial tile floors?

Commercial tile floors, often made from ceramic, are usually used for their durability and timeless look. Ceramic tile floors also pose unique challenges for cleaning, such as a buildup of dirt and mold in the grout.

For the best results, professionals use commercial cleaning equipment to tackle tough grime and restore the appearance of your ceramic flooring. Make your commercial tile floors look as good as new with Harris Dream Clean. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about what’s included in a professional cleaning.

How do you clean commercial vinyl floors?

Commercial vinyl flooring needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain its look and feel. Professional cleaners also use specialized tools and cleaning products for vinyl floors so that they don’t damage them.

To clean commercial vinyl floors, you need to use a pH-neutral cleaner. Floors can then be cleaned with a traditional mop, but commercial cleaning equipment is typically used by professional vinyl floor cleaners, such as air-drying equipment or a power buffer.

Harris Dream Clean makes vinyl floor maintenance easy. Contact us for a free quote and to learn more about our top-rated service for cleaning commercial flooring in Wichita, KS.

How do you clean commercial laminate floors?

Laminate flooring is a multi-layered synthetic material. The top layer, the one with the flooring pattern, is a thin layer that requires professional cleaning to keep it looking its best. Here’s what professional cleaners do when servicing commercial laminate floors.

Professional cleaners limit water usage on laminate flooring. Although laminate materials are waterproof, moisture can still fall between the crevices and cause water damage over time. Floors are then cleaned using materials that won’t damage the fine layer on top. Cleaners use products with a balanced pH, soft mops, and commercial equipment for rapid drying.

Keep your laminate floors in top shape with a professional cleaning from Harris Dream Clean. Contact us for a free quote or to learn more about what’s included in our commercial laminate floor cleaning service.

How do you clean white commercial vinyl flooring?

Maintaining white commercial vinyl flooring is essential for keeping your floors looking clean and polished. Commercial vinyl flooring is famous for its durability, water resistance, and clean appearance, but needs to be cleaned regularly to keep it in shape.

Professional vinyl cleaning supplies:

  • Power buffing machine
  • Floor-drying fan
  • Neutral floor cleaning detergent
  • Soft-textured broom and mop
  • Vacuum cleaner
  • Floor finish

Do you need professional cleaning for vinyl flooring? Contact Harris Dream Clean for a free quote, and keep your floors in top shape.

How do you clean commercial hardwood floors?

Hardwood floors demand more of a delicate approach to cleaning. Use the wrong materials or cleaning products, and you risk damaging the wood. Here’s how commercial hardwood floors are cleaned professionally.

Frequent sweeping

The key to keeping your hardwood floors in shape is to give them a light cleaning regularly. This reduces the need for deep cleans and the potential for damage to your flooring material. We recommend using a professional janitorial service to keep your floors clean for the day to day.

Microfiber mop

Professional cleaners pay close attention to the material and finish used in commercial hardwood floors. Depending on these factors, professional hardwood floor cleaners may use a microfiber mop to avoid scratching and warping.

Using the right cleaner

Hardwood floor cleaners need to be at the correct pH, or acidity level, to avoid damaging commercial wood flooring. Professional cleaners come equipped with all the right cleaners and materials for the job.


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