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What Does An Office Deep Clean Involve?

What Does An Office Deep Clean Involve

The deep cleaning your office needs will depend on the specifics of your work environment. When was the last time you had a deep cleaning? How often do you have routine cleanings? How many people share the space? How big is your office? 

You may also be considering a routine disinfectant protocol to reduce the transmission of Covid-19 and improve employee safety in the office.

Here is what you can expect from an office deep clean

General cleaning: The focus of general cleaning is to remove dirt, grime, dust, or any other potential allergens that stick to ceiling fans, light fixtures, shelves, carpet, and blinds. This step also prepares surfaces to be disinfected. 

Surface cleaning: Desks, screens, windows, walls, doors, and furniture surfaces are cleaned with chemicals safe for each material. We also clean office floors during a deep clean, covering all types of flooring within the office space. 

Disinfecting high touchpoints: High touchpoints in cleaning refers to the most frequently touched surfaces and priorities for reducing the transmission of viruses. This includes light switches, water coolers, faucets, handles, doorknobs, phones, conference tables, and more.

Electrostatic disinfecting spray: This disinfect is sprayed from a special tool that disperses positivity charged particles, evenly coating surfaces with a wrapping effect for complete protection. Using this technique allows for extended protection against viruses, increasing employee and customer safety during the pandemic.

Machine cleaning bathroom floors: This helps eliminate stubborn odors and remove anything that isn’t easily removed by mopping. Machine scrubbing your floors will also revitalize them, giving them a newer, cleaner look.

Carpet vacuuming and cleaning: Carpet cleanings target dirt, stains, and deeply embedded debris inside your carpet. After cleaning, it makes a big difference in how your office space looks and feels. 


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