What’s Included In Commercial Cleaning?

What’s Included In Commercial Cleaning

Commercial cleaning is an essential service, especially in this day and age. To help you understand what’s included in commercial cleaning and why these things are necessary for your workplace, you can separate commercial cleaning into two categories; routine and general cleaning.

Routine Cleaning

This category of commercial cleaning can follow a daily, weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or annual schedule, depending on what your workspace needs. Our commercial cleaners will work closely with the needs of your business, creating a list of cleaning tasks to keep everything in working order.

Routine cleaning can include…

  • Building’s bathrooms
  • Kitchen
  • Common areas
  • Appliances like printers, water coolers, or frequently touched surfaces

Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning is an essential step for preventative maintenance in the workplace and protecting the health of your employees. During a deep cleaning, our cleaners leave no stone unturned. We sanitize hard-to-reach areas that accumulate grime and dust, common areas around your workplace, and areas not touched on during a general cleaning like walls, ceilings, and carpets.


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