What Is The Average Age Of A Janitor?

What Is The Average Age Of A Janitor?

The average age of janitors and building cleaners can depend on the country, region, and specific employment sectors within the industry. However, data from the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) and other workforce analyses often provide insights into the demographics of janitorial staff, including their average age.

Janitorial work does not have a specific “average age” publicly reported by the BLS. Nonetheless, the workforce in this sector is quite diverse, ranging from young adults entering the workforce to older adults.

The occupation attracts a wide age range because the barriers to entry are relatively low, and the skills required can be learned on the job without the need for formal education or training.

Several factors suggest a potentially higher average age in the janitorial workforce compared to some other professions:

  • Job Stability – Janitorial jobs can offer stability, which might be attractive to older workers.
  • Physical Nature of Work – While physically demanding, many of these jobs can be performed by people well into their 50s and 60s, assuming they are in good physical condition.
  • Second Careers – Some individuals turn to janitorial work later in life as a second career or as a way to supplement retirement income.

While specific average age data is not readily available, anecdotal evidence and workforce surveys often indicate a significant representation of middle-aged and older adults in janitorial positions. It’s also important to note that the janitorial workforce is subject to changes in employment trends, immigration patterns, and economic conditions, which can all influence the demographic makeup, including the average age, of workers in this field.


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