Do Janitors Go To College?

Do Janitors Go To College?

Janitorial or custodial work typically does not require a college degree. Most janitorial positions require a high school diploma or equivalent, and employers often provide on-the-job training to acquaint new hires with the specifics of the job, such as the use of cleaning chemicals, the operation of floor polishers, or the specifics of cleaning different types of surfaces.

Circumstances where janitors or custodial managers pursue higher education or specialized training…

  1. Career Advancement – Individuals aiming for supervisory or managerial roles in facilities management may benefit from college courses or a degree in business administration, facilities management, or a related field. This education can provide valuable skills in management, budgeting, and operations.
  2. Specialized Cleaning – Some janitors specialize in areas that may require additional training or certification, such as handling hazardous materials, industrial cleaning, or operating specialized machinery. While not always requiring a college degree, specialized courses and certifications can enhance a janitor’s qualifications and job prospects.
  3. Building Maintenance – Janitors who also perform building maintenance tasks might pursue technical training in plumbing, electrical work, or HVAC systems. Vocational schools and community colleges offer relevant courses that can lead to certification in these areas.
  4. Personal Development – Some individuals might choose to attend college for personal growth or to pursue a specific interest, which can indirectly benefit their career by providing a broader skill set and enhancing critical thinking abilities.

While a college degree is not a standard requirement for janitorial jobs, education beyond high school can open doors to advancement and specialization within the field.


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ESP1138April 1, 2024 at 4:53 pmReply

It is a common trend now for us college graduates to get jobs where we are overqualified.

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